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Attributes of Memory Muse:

🌿 Made from 100% Acrylic for unparalleled durability 

🌿 Retains its bright color and shine for life

🌿 Resists bending or warping over time

🌿 Non-porous and odor-resistant

🌿 Doubles as a stunning piece of art when not used as a serving platter

Your Business's New Billboard :

Client Reviews


Absolutely in LOVE with my
beautiful @momiandro board!
Best present ever.

- Betsy H.


This was a gift from my Aunt Jean. It was my favorite wedding gift to receive. I think I have the color Silk - it’s stunning.

- Vanessa D.


I've never seen a board like @momiandro. The weight of it makes it feels so luxurious. I love that it’s acrylic, so it doesn't fade.It’s just so pretty!

- Michelle A.


WOW. Memory Muse is so unique and simply beautiful. And what a fabulous name!

- Rebecca


Just gorgeous.
This has been my new go-to gift. Everyone loves opening it!

- Melissa T.


Absolutely love my board! It is the perfect combination of pretty and functional. Can't recommend it enough!!

- Cait M.


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a remarkable board by MomiandRo that left a lasting impression. The attention to detail by their costumer service was evident in every element. This board creates an ambiance that elevated the overall experience of our friends and family gatherings. It earns a well-deserved five-star rating for its excellence in both quality and sophistication. We love it and we can’t wait to see what other products will be offered in the future.

- Mary S.


My boyfriend saw this charcuterie board at the Philly Home and Garden show. I couldn’t go because I was recovering from surgery and he surprised me with it when he got home. It’s so pretty and white I don’t even want to put food on it! Ha! I love it so much.

- Nichole S.


The packaging feels so luxurious.
There was so much detail in one box. I washed it more than 10 times and it hasn't faded at all. Finally a board that doesn’t look old and worn.

- Maggie C.