Monet.  Mo.  Momi.  My beautiful, sweet, elegant, and at times, cold hearted, little, Bi-color, Ragdoll.  I never loved cats.  Although I grew up with many different types of animals, I’m certain I never loved pets in general.  Hear me out - they smell, they shed, they’re noisy, they’re needy, it was always hard to keep them alive (do I need to go on?!)  However, I found myself in an unusual chapter in my life.  I was finally focused on building a business and putting myself first which led to moments of both enjoyment and loneliness.  Although what I really wanted was a big handsome Greater Swiss, my wanderlust often keeps me away from home which would only be selfish and unfair to Rumble.  (What better name for a Greater Swiss Mountain dog?!)  Thus, my journey led me to Momi.

After extensive research and traveling quite the distance, I welcomed this fluffy little cotton ball into my life.  I was excited for a spunky little cuddle bug!  I initially named her 'Jazzy' but once we were together, I quickly realized her demeanor no longer suited such an upbeat, playful name.  Her soft white body and big blue eyes pierced back at me from her perch on my Monet coffee table book and henceforth, a name change.  Monet, eventually called 'Momi' was an embodiment of art with a hint of cheeky attitude.  What was once a beautiful little piece of art ended up being a beautiful little piece of work!  She was sweet and gentle but a boujie, cold hearted, anti-cuddly, little thing.  I’m convinced she is my Grandmother reincarnated.  How lucky am I?!  Since she did not fill the void for the affection I yearned for or the company I was missing in my life, off I went, in search for more.  (Don't we all?!)

A Little Reminder:  The thing you want isn’t always the thing you need.  WANT - Someone to love.  NEED - The fire that once burned in my heart and soul to come back to life.  

And then there was Ro.  Named after NSRO (pronounced nez-a-ro) the reminder to chase passion relentlessly and thus the inspiration behind his name: Navy Seal, Rob O"Neill of Seal Teams 2, 4 and 6 who saved Captain Richard Phillips, shot and killed OBL, and received numerous honorary awards - a man of commendable achievements.  

On a long drive from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, I stumbled upon Rob O”Neill and consumed eight straight hours of his life story, achievements and outlook on life.  Not only is he a great storyteller but his personal story was fascinating to me.  I was captivated.  In awe.  The flame was lit, the fire - ready to burn. 

My soft gentle Momi wakes me up with a purr and blinks at me with two gorgeous blue eyes.  She is the absolute sweetest love and believe it or not, greets me at the door.  Not with a happy, wagging tail but a cute hiney up in the air waiting to be scratched.  But Ro, my feisty little Ro.  He is filled with an enormous amount of energy, which some, including my father, finds excessive.  He sits next to me and stares with that dark, strong, Navy Seal spirit, piercing green eyes, a scar from OKAY, birth.  It's called a white mark, it's on his nose and it's from birth but boy is he ready to take on the world! 

I was reminded that life does not happen to you, it happens for you and it was time for me to start breaking old habits and find my purpose here on Earth.  In that eight hour ride my life changed yet again.  This time for the better.  

In the quiet moments shared with these two unique souls, an idea blossomed.  A fusion of my inherent loving sensibilities with the relentless drive to make an impact.  Two felines, one idea, a little passion and countless hours of discipline and dedication to get me through many long, grueling days that never seem to end.  If I’m being honest, I'm not sure I ever want them to.   XO
October 26, 2023