I am pleased to present the final installment of my three-part series, detailing the evolution of my journey and the inception of momi+RO.  I eagerly anticipate unveiling the forthcoming offerings within the Boardroom Boutique.  With whispers of intrigue... XO


Momi +RO started as a passion project, a pursuit of self-betterment, and a fervent desire to rise from the pit of depression to reclaim the vibrant life that was once mine. Too often, we shy away from openly discussing our battles with anxiety, depression and life's most challenging moments. I'm not referring to sanitized tales or watered-down narratives. I mean the profound, unfiltered realities that truly resonate, I’m talking about the real real #hermozi.

Please understand, I'm fully aware of the complexities behind these apprehensions. However, until we confront these truths head-on and allow ourselves the vulnerability to share unedited versions of our experiences, transcending our past and achieving our dream life remains an elusive goal.  As my dear friend Mary playfully yet earnestly puts it, "This is a safe space..."  These words often pave the way for hours of intimate conversations, replete with shared challenges, novel ideas, and at times, confessions we've seldom dared to vocalize.  The sheer act of being reminded that it's acceptable to be vulnerable, imperfect, flawed, TO BE HUMAN, can be profoundly healing.  Mary offers us this sanctuary, and I set out to create the same solace to you.

In life's most perplexing moments, when the weight of the world feels overwhelming, sometimes what we truly need is a fresh perspective, a proverbial reset button, a little grace, a reminder, a clean slate . . .

Infused with profound significance, crafted over countless hours and fueled by immense passion, my first product came to life.  The foundation is a pristine white canvas, ready for your interpretation.  Memory Muse is not just a beautiful, handcrafted charcuterie and home decor board, it’s an emblem, a keepsake, a gentle reminder of life's fleeting moments and the beauty that lies ahead. 

Every intricacy in its design whispers tales of celebrations past and beckons for more moments waiting to be cherished.  So when time moves too fast, let this board be your pause button, urging you to reconnect, reflect, and relish in the moments that truly matter.  My wish is that as you admire and interact with this board, you remain cognizant of its underlying purpose.  

Our mission at momi+RO is to help foster deeper relationships and enhance personal connections both with oneself and our loved ones.  My goal is to offer reminders through products and craft an ambiance through our events that not only captivates but also leaves an indelible memory, compelling one to revisit and yearn for more.  As is often said, the most important journeys "starts with WHY" so reflect on its origin and the emblematic significance it holds.  Memory Muse is crafted for the homes and hearts of those who resonate with these feelings and dream of a more meaningful, magical life.

Sharing my story has been both a vulnerable and liberating experience, but it's a narrative I felt compelled to relay.  It is my aspiration that these beautiful boards not only serve as visual delights but also resonate emotionally with you.  Whether you find yourself in the heart of your kitchen, preparing and hosting for loved ones, or placing these pieces amidst your cherished memories and favorite reads waiting to come to life, let them be a reflection of your authentic self.

In the spirit of visionaries like Claude Monet and Rob O'Neill, who passionately pursued their dreams and left indelible marks on the world, I encourage you to leave your own legacy, one that will resonate and be cherished for generations to come.  This is your gift to the world.  Continue to dream.  💭  Continue to radiate positivity.  ✨  And always remember, life is too short to not enjoy it with the ones you deeply love!  🤍🖤  The best is yet to come…


Samantha, Momi, and Ro

This business will forever be dedicated to my missed, beyond words, Pop-Pop.  I wish you were still here with us, so we could enjoy life with you as adults.  I know your legacy lives on and through generations it has shaped who I am today.  I love you.  I miss you.  And I know you are still with me - especially through your photos, your chair, your signature green shirts or when I try to snuggle my cat who I am convinced you once lived with . . . I know you are here.  If we could all be a little more like you, the world would be a better place.  Cheers!  * With a nice stogie lifted up to you, in your honor *  🕊️

October 27, 2023