Change is gonna come.  Happy Birthday, momi+RO!

Change is gonna come. Happy Birthday, momi+RO!

Imagine a life where every year adds depth, like each passing chapter, the rings of a tree, or in my case, the evolution from a chrysalis to wings ready to soar.  I’ve ridden the tempestuous tides of life’s challenges and come out with a laugh to share and a story to tell.  Momi+RO is that story.
November 12, 2023 — S J L
A Beacon of Hope in the Midst of Darkness

A Beacon of Hope in the Midst of Darkness

The Final Installment

Momi +RO started as a passion project, a pursuit of self-betterment, and a fervent desire to rise from the pit of depression to reclaim the vibrant life that was once mine...

October 27, 2023 — S J L
How #momiandro Snuggle!

Meet Momi and Ro

In the quiet moments shared with these two unique souls, an idea blossomed. A fusion of my inherent artistic sensibilities with the relentless drive to make an impact.  Two cats, one idea, a little passion and countless hours of discipline and dedication to get me through many long, grueling work days that never seem to end.  If I’m being honest, I'm not sure I ever want them to...
October 26, 2023 — S J L
God's Plan

God's Plan

Unforeseen events and experiences can profoundly change our trajectories.  The challenges thrown our way—like the worldwide pandemic, for instance—often divert our paths in unexpected directions.  Like the old saying, if you want to make God laugh, share your plans with Him.  I suppose I provided quite a bit of amusement over the last decade...
October 25, 2023 — S J L